InshoreEco – Line France & DSI Companies provides Remotely Controlled services in the energy sector through underwater robotic systems (Class 1, 2, 3 ROV), on behalf of companies own subsea facilities used for the oil and gas or electricity and communications transport. Our task involves detonating unexploded ordnance located on the sea floor, which threaten structures and inspection tasks.

We carry out these tasks in the Offshore and Inshore environments, in shallow and deep water, on the seabed areas occupied by pipelines and cables, wind farm and oil and gas structures supporting. We realize our tasks before and after the facilities installation.

Ports & Yachts and Diving – Eco-Line France & DSI are a services provider. We built strong marine and diving knowledge, cutting edge technologies and skilled staff. We operate in Inshore  and Inland field for companies involved in civil engineering and industrial sectors, port areas, and on behalf of yachts and superyachts owners.


Professional Training (Engineering and Technology)

The Eco-Line France developed in collaboration with the parteners involved in professional training and universities an advanced study program on 3 different types of courses that cover marine environments.


Industrial and Scientific Training

The Eco – Line France company specializes in the ROV, AUV, USV Pilot Technician professional training courses. Thanks to our experience gained through years of work in various parts of the world, including the North Sea in the UK and Norway, we are able to offer an efficient and competitive product.

The Company can deliver a wide range of basic through advanced teaching materials and training product. Our commercial ROV Pilot Technician training facility offers you a variety of modern ROV Pilot Technician theory training classes and practical lessons. To learn more, please review the Remote Controlled Systems courses that we offer.

In recent years we have developed a type of innovative ROV action that allows candidates to improve their flying skills and increase the flight hours and especially the work experience.

The program is called Operational ActivityWork Experience”, allows new pilots and technicians to take advantage of working areas to increase their experience as pilots in the Oil and Gas or Civil Engineering sector.

Given the continued demand for qualified personnel both as a ROV Pilot and as Technician, we have developed a series of training courses that enable individuals or organizations to improve the preparation in various scenarios.