Debris Removal and Salvage

In recent years, after extensive experience in the marine and underwater sector, Eco-Line France, in collaboration with its partners, has set up a Working Group that carries out debris removal and salvage services.

The Work Group (WG) is formed by the K.I. Tehno and a professional team with experience in Onshore, Inshore and Offshore civil and industrial engineering.

The WG brings professionalism and experience into the field. Supports companies involved in Port activities, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy in aquatic environments. The work activities are managed by the K.I. Tehno company  who supervises the team’s activities. The services are carried out with diving personnel and ROV vehicles support. Where operations require demanding work shifts and risks are high, ROV vehicles are preferred to divers tasks. Our tasks include debris and boulders removal, salvage wrecks.

We operate in Onshore and Inland, Inshore and Offshore sector. Diving and Rov staff is highly qualified and in possession of certifications to work internationally. The Work Group is activated following:

  • Post-Decommissioning Debris Clearance.
  • Facilities, Pipelines and Cables routine inspection.
  • Accidents, collisions or natural disasters.

The WG works on behalf of companies involved in naval Maritime Transport, Port Authority, Pipelines and Cables Survey and Inspections, Oil & Gas / Renewable Energy subcontractors and contractors.

The intervention sectors are divided into:


  • dams and canals;
  • river and lakes facilities.


  • oil terminals;
  • commercial ports;
  • SBM / SPM facilities;
  • Pipelines and Cables