Diving Training Courses and Knowledge Assessment include commercial activities in the Inshore, Inland and Offshore sector, on land. The courses are divided into Commercial & Scientific Diving and Diving Tech.

Commercial & Scientific Diving are addressed to those who work in the Inshore, Inland, Confined Space for civil engineering and scientific sector. These include:

  • Scientific Research and Archaeology Diving Program – The course includes procedures and techniques to work safely in marine and inland waters environments through SCUBA use. The course lasts 4 weeks, theoretical and practical sessions, day and night activities.
  • SCUBA Diver Specialist – it is a specific course for different experts who work as volunteers or paid on behalf of government agencies (SAR, inspections and surveys, environmental pollution) law enforcement (underwater forensic investigation), specialized companies (archeology, research and recoveries, shell and fish fishermen professionals), documentary filmmakers, journalists, film videographers. The course lasts 2 weeks, theoretical and practical sessions, day and night activities.

Diving Tech are courses to train surface personnel to perform certain tasks safely. These include:

  • Chamber Operator – is a course aimed at those who want to work in the hyperbaric field on land or on board, training includes techniques and procedures on the safe use of hyperbaric environments. The course lasts 10 days and includes theoretical and practical sessions with the simulator and hyperbaric systems use.
  • Dive Technician – prepares technicians to carry out maintenance and repair tasks on air diving equipment. The course includes tools and devices used to test and maintain equipment, mobs and demob tasks. The Dive Technician Air course lasts 10 days.
  • SCUBA Diver Specialist Supervisor – the supervisor’s task includes the health and safety of divers during mob and demod equipment on land and onboard boats/barges, organize work on board and underwater, appoint tenders and manage emergencies. It also plans activities, organizes safety meetings, toolbox, ensures that equipment is suitable for underwater activities. The duration of the course is 5 days, theoretical and practical sessions are scheduled, both day and night.
  • Surface Supplied Diving Supervisor – The Supervisor is trained to work in many sectors of civil and industrial engineering (Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Subsea Cables, Ports and Inland waters). The course was designed to give efficient support to the surface supplied divers inland and Inshore sectors. The course lasts 5 days, theoretical and practical sessions are scheduled. The training includes day and night activities, both on land and on board.
  • Client Worksite Representative – it is a course that trains Diving or ROV personnel to manage various situations on land and on board in Inshore and Offshore, in the Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy sectors. The course is carried out on the basis of IMCA and IOGP procedures. The duration of the course is 10 days, theoretical and practical sessions, day and night, in industrial areas.