Mob and Demob Equipment

Eco-Line France & F.lli Colognesi offer a complete service to all those companies that operate in aquatic environments for inspections, constructions and survey tasks, including all shipping companies that offer support for subsea operations. We guarantee high quality standards, attention to personnel health, safety in the workplace, including an environmental protection system (QHSE).

Our services are addressed to all companies involved in the use of underwater unmanned vehicles, surveys tasks, diving equipment use in the commercial and scientific sector.

We also offer support to clients of companies involved in the hire of diving equipment and undewater remotely controlled vehicles and control room / container manufacturers.

We set up control rooms for the ROV vehicles Class 1, 2, 3 . We organize mob and demob services on land and on board vessels and platforms. Including the Mob / Demob of AUV vehicles and Trencher machines.

In the survey sector we employ experts for the installation systems and the devices and instruments configuration.

In Commercial and Scientific Diving we offer complete support for underwater activities in various environments. We assist clients from the early stages, mob / demob, including test and maintenance task.

Through qualified personnel with over 20 years of experience in these sectors we are able to respond to different requests, satisfying the needs of our customers.


ROV/Trencher Mob/Demob and  Control Room Set up Support

In the ROV sector we employ electronic and mechanical technicians and subengineer, supervisor able to prepare the control room and workshop (containers or cabins) with all the necessary equipment/devices configured and the ROV vehicle with specific tools. Particular attention is paid to the workshop on board vessels and rigs or on land-based mobile vehicles that represent an important area to ensure continuity of work.

We take care of everything including connections to other facilities and containers, tests and inspections before delivery. We work closely with customers to understand all the needs and find the best way to facilitate work activities.

The ROV Team Division prepares Class 1, 2, 3 ROV vehicles including the installation of specific tools such as: NDT (MPI, Catodic Protection, Flooded Member Detector), manipulators (2, 4, 5, 7, 9 functions), sonar, Diamond Wire Saw, Subsea Cleaning tool, Class 1-4 Torque Tool, Wrist Camera, Water Jetting System, HPU, Rotary Cutter, excavation system, FLOT, ROV skid, Grinder, etc.

We assist trencher machines owner customers and those who hire such vehicles. We handles maintenance, machine setup (mechanics, electrical/electronics, IT) and keeps your equipment running smoothly. Mob / Demob services include the necessary maintenance and upgrades in order to comply with the requirements of the project.

Mob / Demob services include: electrical and mechanical maintenance tasks updates; manage control software and hardware reconfiguration; assemble and check mechanical and electrical parts; set up equipment on board vessels/ pontoons; storage of the systems and equipment at the completion of work.

The vehicles belong to the manufacturers: Seaeye SAAB, Sub-Atlantic, Deep Ocean, Argus, Schilling, SMD, Video Ray, Gnom.

We have no limits, we can work on any vehicle and equipment with a minimum warning.


Control Room Set up for Survey sector

We provide support services to companies that carry out survey tasks through qualified personnel. We set up structures/containers on board vessels and small boats or on land. We also carry out consultations, electrical, electronic and mechanical system repairs, equipment and device tests before delivery.

Our Survey Team Division is able to install and configure various types of ROV’s, AUV and ancillary equipment (Cameras, Sonars, DVR Recorders, Underwater Modems and Tracking Systems, Multibeam Echosounders, Singlebeam Echosounders, Side Scan Sonar / Sub-Bottom Profilers, Transducers & Hydrophones, Motion Sensors, Gyros, DGPS Solutions, Oceanographic tools, Underwater Positioning such as USBL and LBL, AUV, Hydrographic Software Solutions, etc.).


Commercial and Scientific Diving 

We operate in the commecial and scientific diving sector. We assist customers during the design and mob/demob equipment phase and ensure that the equipment works perfectly by doing appropriate tests and maintenance. Our tasks include mob and demob of diving resources, such as:

  • Commercial Diving – Air Diving and Saturation Diving Equipment.
  • Scientific Diving – SCUBA and Rebreather Equipment (Air/Nitrox and Trimix/Heliox).

The mob and demob activities in the commercial diving sector do not include the installation of equipment in workshop but only on board vessels or other structures (port or Offshore/Inshore). We are specialized in installing sat diving facilities, hyperbaric chambers, surface supplied diving (air and gas mix), control rooms and ancillary equipment on board vessels before work starts.