The ROV Pilot Technician programs has been structured for those who want to operate in various operational scenarios in the Offshore, Inshore and Inland field. During the courses Eco-Line France provides candidates and companies with Class 1, 2 vehicles. Eco-Line France collaborates with DIA ROV to improve the technical courses characteristics  and issue certificates accepted by companies and agencies at international level.

The programs have been developed for the realization of the following courses:

  • ROV Pilot Technician – Renewable Energy (RPT-RE)
  • ROV Pilot Technician – Oil and Gas (RPT-OG)
  • ROV Pilot Technician – Renewable Energy & Oil and Gas (RPT-RE&OG)

DIA&DSI Remotely Controlled Vehicles certificates issued upon completion of the course  are accepted by the UK Recruitment Agencies and IMCA ROV Contractors, including those operating in the North Sea.