Unmanned Vehicles Maintenance

The F.lli Colognesi company is specialized in the unmanned vehicles (ROV, AUV, Trenchers Machine) maintenance and repair tasks. Through experienced staff it offers support services to vehicles and systems owners  and to renters.

The personnel involved in the maintenance tasks comes from the Offshore sector and some of them constantly work in workshops as SubEng on behalf of international companies. The company operates 24 a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to the staff skills and specializations, we are able to operate on various vehicles and machines.

The service includes maintenance and repair tasks both In-house directly at the customer’s site or in the workplace (on land or at sea on board vessels and rigs) and inside the structure.

The structure includes mechanical, electronic and software management laboratories. In addition, the facility houses a tank for performing vehicles tests.

We promote In-house interventions because they reduce mobilization costs and time, especially for bulky systems.

We are a leading company that provides highly reliable maintenance and repairs. We have a thorough knowledge of various vehicles and systems.

In the case of emergency repair activities in the Offshore and Inshore sector, we advise our customers to contact our customer service before the project starts, in order to offer an immediate and efficient service. 

In-House and Onboard Vessel Maintenance

We are known for providing reliable services and exceptional customer support on land and onboard. We offer timely response through our urgent response teams so that necessary steps can be taken at the right time to protect you and your customers from further damage and waste of time.